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Microphome Sanitiser Kit

Complete sanitising kit for microphones, ipads, headphones and other shared devices.
Microphome Sanitiser Kit
Microphome Sanitiser Kit
Microphome Sanitiser Kit
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Microphome Sanitising Pack Contains:

1 x 50ml bottle of Microphome
1 x black vinyl zippered microphone bag
1 x micro-fiber cleaning cloth
1 x one soft nylon scouring pad
1 x and one 2-sided cleaning brush

Microphones are a breeding ground for germs.

Vocalists sing, scream, and yell. mouths are opened, saliva is sprayed and spread and spit flies into the windscreen and there it festers, in many cases with spit from several other singers who used the same dirty mic before you. That’s apart from the guy who used the bathroom, didn’t bother washing hands, ate a bag of crisps, licked his fingers, smoked some cigarettes and then spat all over the windscreen and handled the microphone body with filthy hands.

How many times have you encountered such nasty things happening.

Whether it’s your personal mic, one from a hire company, a venue or Karaoke club you can guarantee there are some very nasty things lurking about on just about every microphone in existence.

Microphome was invented to solve this problem.

It’s a simple product, a foam that works as a sanitiser, disinfectant, deodoriser and cleaner not only for every type of stage or studio microphone but also your mobile phone, iPad, iPhone or hand held console.

As any working musician or vocalist will tell you, having a filthy smelly vocal microphone in front of you is extremely unpleasant, apart from posing an unnecessary risk to your health when your mouth comes in to contact with the windscreen.

A single pump of the Microphome bottle dispenses a measured dose of the foam sufficient for up to 120 applications and killing 99.9% of all germs leaving the mic clean, germ free and pleasant smelling and since it evaporates in two minutes and leaves a pleasant odour without trace of film or residue sensitive electronics are never in harm’s way.

Download the Microphome Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

Recommended by several microphone manufacturers and recently tested and certified by Shure as suitable for cleaning and sanitising their microphones.

Directions for Use

Microphome will clean and deodorise microphones, cell phones, headphones, head sets, talkies, dispatch, computer and audio equipment. One pump of foam is enough to cover most exterior surfaces. Unplug equipment when possible before applying. Pump once into hand or clean dry cloth, spread foam evenly over exterior surface. Allow to dry. DO NOT pump the foam directly into equipment or too many pumps per application. Approximately 120 pumps per 50ml bottle.


Alkyld methybenzyl Ammonium Chloride (Quaternary), Purified Water, Glycerin, Tergitol (Suractant), Fragrance (Cherry Vanilla)